Herpes Passions Review – Dating with herpes and Passions

Herpespassions.com is a little different from the average dating site dedicated to individuals with herpes – for starters it’s actually part of a wider network of sites called the Passions Network. That doesn’t mean it’s not a vibrant dating network for people living with herpes – it is, and it’s also completely free. The one thing that strikes you right off the bat with this site is how busy it is. There are tons or resources here to get you off and running in the dating world again.

Getting Started
You don’t even have to sign up to have a look around the Herpespassions site – you can just tap in a search and have a look around. The sign up process is pretty straight forward though – just a few basic questions and you’re ready to get started looking for the perfect match, or you can use your Facebook profile to sign up as a short cut if you prefer. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at first there are plenty of question and answer forums, as well as a comprehensive help section to get you started. Let’s face it; too much information can be just as overwhelming as too little if you don’t know where to start.

To find a match on this site you don’t necessarily have to use the traditional search methods you would on other sites. Herpespassions is much more of a community making it possible to make connections while participating in forums – it’s a social experience similar to going out to a club only this is the online equivalent. There’s no doubting the uniqueness of this experience, but it won’t be for everybody. If you’re just looking to connect with people in a more private setting there are tools to help you with that as well. The versatility of this site makes it an excellent choice for singles with herpes – the only real drawback is that the site is full of ads, but you can subscribe to the site for a nominal fee of $4.95 to get rid of these.

Other Great Features
Along with the standard dating tools you’ll find on other sites like MPWH, Herpespassions also has a lot more to offer. Here you’ll also find links to books, videos, and tons of other material focused on helping you to live more comfortably with herpes. It may be a challenge at times, but like anything else in life knowledge is power and this site can definitely help you with your journey.

The site also does a pretty good job of making your dating search as easy as possible. There’s a built in feature that allows you to return to your previous search instead of starting over which is pretty convenient. Unfortunately it’s not easy to return to your search once you pick a member profile to view – you have to start your search over again from that point which is a bit of a pain, but in the greater scheme of things this is a relatively minor issue.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Membership is free
Many methods for finding a match other than the traditional search
Includes lots of resources such as books and videos
You can save your searches

Includes lots of ads
The vast amount of information can be a little overwhelming

Final Verdict

Herpesepassions.com is a unique style of herpes dating site that’s actually part of a larger network of dating sites. On top of providing many of the traditional tools you’ll also find on other dating sites, it also includes a lot of other information to help you with your dating journey. Perhaps best of all it’s free.

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